Configuration management in the cloud, made easy

Namikoda provides an easy interface for getting configuration values consistent across your physical and cloud infrastructure. We focus on providing IP whitelist data and the tooling to act on it. Confidently use human-readable tags instead of lists of IPs in your configuration.

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Quit wondering if your IP based rules are up to date

When was the last time Incapsulatm updated their list of reverse proxies? What about Github'stm webhook callers? And why does it take an extra hour to go through my security rules and identify each IP range one at a time? That kind of rote bookkeeping is annoying and probably doesn't happen as frequently as it really should.

Namikoda provides access to a database of thousands of constantly-updated IP ranges and the human-readable tags that make that information usable. We also have tooling and integrations pre-written for dozens of the most popular configuration management tools in today's ops ecosystem. With Namikoda, you can replace lists of mysterious IP ranges with a handful of meaningful tags.

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Easy to use

Lots of tool integrations are already written, or use the simple REST API to pull our data into your custom application.

Up to Date

Our team of robots and human overseers ensure that you always have the most current and accurate whitelists in your configs.

Made with Love

Automating rote tasks makes both of us feel better.

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